What is the Washing machine dryer?

The dryer of a washing machine is a basket spinner. it has a perforated wall with having a large number of fine holes in the calendrical Rotor. The lid of the cylindrical container is closed after putting a wet cloth in it. when it spins at high speed, the water from a wet cloth is forced out throw it is holed due to the lack of centripetal force

How we use a Cream separator?

Most modern plants use a separate to control the fat contents of various products. a separator is a high-speed spinner. it acts on the same principle as a centrifugal machine. the bol spins at a very high speed causing the heavier contents of milk to move out what in the whole pushing the lighter contents in word to words the spinning axis. cream for butterfat is lighter than other components in milk. therefore, skimmed milk, which is denser than cream is collected at the outer wall of the bowl. the lighter part( cream) is pushed towards the center from where it is collected through a pipe.

What is the Banking of the road?

When a car takes a turn, a Centripetal force is needed to keep it on its curved track. the friction between the tires and the road provides the necessary centripetal force. the car would be scared if the force of friction between the tires and the road is not sufficient enough particle early when the roads are wet. this problem is solved by the banking of curved Road. banking of road means that the outer edge of the road is raised. Banking causes a component of vehicles weight to provide the necessary centripetal force while taking a turn. thus banking of road prevents skidding of vehicles and makes the driving safe.

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